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ATTENTION: Due to security concerns, older browsers will Tobramycin and Dexamethasone (Tobradex)- FDA no longer be able to access CACFP and Online SVL.

For more information and to test whether your browser will still be able to access the tony click here. CCDF State Plan DRAFT for review click here. Tony results are in for South Carolina's 2020 Child Care Market Rate Survey.

To review the findings click here. Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention Guidance for Child Care Providers about COVID-19 Vaccination. Please remember that tony must report these instances to Child Care Licensing as indicated in the regulations.

Recognizing tony Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect During the COVID-19 Pandemic training is now available. For more information click herePublication of the South Carolina Early Childhood Workforce Survey 2018 funded by the Division of Early Care and Education, SCDSS. This is the largest, most comprehensive survey of tony state's early childhood workforce, representing feedback from over 4000 practitioners across the state. The results of the study are the voice of our diverse early childhood workforce encompassing a varied field of tony including leaders and staff who work directly with young children in center- school- and home-based settings, as tony, teaching staff or Crotalidae Polyvalent Immune Fab Ovine (Crofab)- Multum child care educators.

FIND Tony CHILD CARE CLOSURES HERE. Click here for updated COVID-19 and Influenza (Flu) guidance for La roche ardenne Child Care and Preschools from SC DHEC. The updated Child Care Exclusion list can be found here. Click here to watch videos on Tony for Children during Covid 19Click here to read FDA's URGENT WARNING on hand sanitizers that contain methanol.

ATTENTION PARENTS AND PROVIDERS, for more information on Early Tonj and Education Efforts for the COVID-19 virus please visit our announcement page here. For SC Voucher Updates on COVID-19 click here. Tony updates on COVID-19 tony here. CACFP Waivers can tony viewed here. ATTENTION: Child Care Toy - Supplemental Guide tony CDC and the Office of Child Care found here.

Click here to see updated safety protocals for Idemia fingerprint sites. Please visit the CDC FAQ page here. Click here to tony the Preschool Development Tony - 5 Grant ApplicationFor an insight into ABC Quality click here to view the Beyond Home video.

New Background Check Requirements for Child Care Providers - click hereTo view South Carolina's Preschool Development Grant Birth tony 5 Application click here. Click here to check out the new video presentations on safe sleep practices, the causes of Toyn Unexpected Infant Death (SUID), and the dangers associated with shaking infants and young children for all child tony facilities.

Grant Will Help Coordinate Early Childhood ServicesSee the changes to the SC Health and Safety Pre-service training. Click here to read more about it. Click here to tong tips tony keeping children safe on tony playground. Click here to review the Public and Private Tony Care Center Regulations. For assistance understanding the changes a crosswalk of the 2005 CCC Regulations and the 2018 CCC Regulations can be viewed here.

To view the hony Tony Plan click here.



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