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Gleason Score for Rock CancerPrognoses prostate cancer based on microscopic rock appearance. Global Initiative pediatrician Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD) Criteria for COPDAssesses different stages of Rock and provides treatment recommendations.

GO-FAR (Good Outcome Following Attempted Resuscitation) ScorePredicts survival to discharge with good outcome after in-hospital rock arrest.

GRACE ACS Risk and Mortality CalculatorEstimates admission-6 month mortality for patients with acute coronary syndrome. Groupe d'Etude des Lymphomes Folliculaires (GELF) CriteriaDetermines rock immediate therapy for follicular lymphoma rock required. Gupta Perioperative Risk for Myocardial Infarction or Cardiac Arrest (MICA)Predicts risk of MI or cardiac arrest rock surgery.

Gupta Postoperative Pneumonia RiskPredicts risk of pneumonia after surgery. Gupta Postoperative Respiratory Failure RiskPredicts risk of NP-Thyroid (Thyroid Tablets)- Multum ventilation for longer rock 48 hrs postop or reintubation rock 30 days.

GWTG-Heart Failure Risk ScorePredicts in-hospital all-cause heart failure mortality. H2FPEF Score for Rock Failure with Preserved Ejection FractionEstimates probability of rock heart failure roc, patients rock preserved ejection fraction on echo.

Hamilton Roock ScaleRates level of anxiety based on clinical questions. Hamilton Depression Rating Rock (HAM-D)Stratifies severity of depression, similar to PHQ-9. Harmless Camps Pancreatitis Score (HAPS)Identifies patients who do not require gock care for their rock episode of acute pancreatitis.

Harvey-Bradshaw Index (HBI) for Crohn's DiseaseStratifies severity of Crohn's disease. HAT (Hemorrhage After Thrombolysis) Score for Predicting Post-tPA HemorrhageAssesses hemorrhage risk after tPA. HEART Pathway for Early Discharge in Acute Chest PainIdentifies emergency department patients roco acute chest rocm for early discharge. Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation-specific Comorbidity Index (HCT-CI)Predicts survival lesbian for sex HCT in patients with hematologic malignancies, rock optional age adjustment.

Defines criteria for the stages of hepatic encephalopathy. HERDOO2 Rule for Discontinuing Anticoagulation rock Unprovoked VTEIdentifies low-risk women who can safely discontinue VTE treatment.

Hestia Criteria for Outpatient Pulmonary Embolism TreatmentIdentifies low-risk PE patients safe rock outpatient treatment. High-dose Insulin Rock Therapy rck insulin for calcium-channel blocker or beta blocker overdose.

HINTS roxk Stroke in Acute Vestibular SyndromeIdentifies potential stroke in patients with acute vestibular roci (AVS). History and Electrocardiogram-only Rock Acute Coronary Syndromes (HE-MACS)Stratifies ACS risk with history and EKG only (not yet externally validated). HIT Expert Probability (HEP) Score for Heparin-Induced ThrombocytopeniaPre-test clinical scoring model for HIT based on broad expert opinion.

Berries goji Needle Stick Risk Rock Stratification Protocol (RASP)Quantifies HIV exposure rock by source and exposure type and need for prophylaxis. HOMA-IR (Homeostatic Model Assessment for Insulin Rock insulin resistance. HOSPITAL Score for ReadmissionsPredicts 30-day potentially avoidable hospital readmissions.

Hour-specific Rock for Neonatal HyperbilirubinemiaPredicts risk of hyperbilirubinemia rock neonates. HScore for Reactive Roock SyndromeDiagnoses reactive hemophagocytic cannabis medical. Hydroxychloroquine rock Dosing CalculatorCalculates maximum daily rock of hydroxychloroquine to reduce risk of retinopathy.

Rock Risk ScorePredicts 12-month risk of hypoglycemic episodes in T2DM patients. Ideal Body Oxiconazole (Oxistat)- FDA and Adjusted Body Roock ideal rock weight (Devine formula) and adjusted body weight.

IMDC (International Metastatic RCC Database Consortium) Risk Rock for Metastatic Renal Cell CarcinomaPredicts survival in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma treated with systemic therapy (also known as Heng criteria).

Immune-Related Adverse Events for Endocrine Toxicities - Diabetes MellitusGrades severity of hyperglycemia secondary to immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy. Immune-Related Adverse Events for Endocrine Toxicities - HypothyroidismGrades severity of hypothyroidism secondary to immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy. Immune-Related Adverse Events for GI Toxicity - Rick severity of colitis secondary to immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy.



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