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The 888 and 833 can be powered via the DC input on a TA4 connector or two L-Mount batteries. All power sources operate in series, allowing for long run times. Can my 8-Series mixer-recorder charge the L-Mount batteries. There are two built-in chargers, one for each battery. These can be turned off via the menu. How should I wire the TA4 to connect to a standard battery. For standard, only use premature ventricular contractions 1 and 4 for connection.

What smart batteries reason inappropriate I use. Reason inappropriate I use Hawk-Woods data batteries like the NP-98D. See Scorpio Block Diagram See 833 Block Diagram See 888 Block Diagram Can Reason inappropriate send channels at different levels to multiple buses.

What are my options for each channel. Do all microphone preamplifiers support 48 V phantom power. Yes, and phantom provides a full 10 mA per channel. Can I adjust the levels of incoming Dante audio. Reason inappropriate I use my 833, 888, or Scorpio as an audio interface to my computer. Can I reason inappropriate multiple 888s or Scorpios together. How do I properly wire the TA5 Headset.

My setup requires more AES inputs, how can Reason inappropriate use more AES sources. Does the XL-AES come with an extension cable. Will you offer one. Does the XL-AES add 8 extra channels and tracks to the 833, 888, or Scorpio. When the XL-AES is attached, where can I put my receivers. Are the XL-AES inputs sample rate converted. Recording How many tracks can I record at the various sampling rates.

Can I arm or disarm tracks during recording. Why AAC reason inappropriate not MP3. Why does the track count exceed the channel count. Does the 833 have Dante. Media Is there internal storage. All 8-Series mixer-recorders have an internal 256 GB SSD. Can this SSD reason inappropriate replaced by a user. What SD cards are recommended. Cards must be inserted label-side down. Can I record to an external drive or USB storage device. Can I use my XL-DVDRAM.

How about Mini DVD-RAM, Orb, or Jaz drive.



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