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Within the book's world, Man's capacity for action itself seems to have diminished to the capacity for mere indulgence (all meals and hotels are described with detail and Yelp-esque critique). As Houellebecq says, "to use the terminology of that Austrian clown," the West has regressed to the oral stage. The title of the book, Serotonin, refers to the protagonist's use of a novel serotonergic antidepressant. As with present day SSRIs, this kills his libido, and flattens out the emotional peaks and valleys that accompany life's flows.

Anyone who's taken these substances for a period will likely be able to relate to the themes of the book, at least in some small capacity. And those who haven't. Sexually obsessed but with no true love, bureaucracies replacing any sense of communities, individuals seeking to maximize their happiness with no sense of humanity or basic empathy. Speaking in foul, objectivizing language about women and their bodies he is meant to offend.

Moreover, he has almost no redeeming qualities. Seeing that his dream of a life of endless possibilities with a woman he loves is dead, he drifts down a path of decay and dissolution.

If you like European literature, are critical of what passes for life in contemporary Europe and are not offended by the coarse objectivization of the female body you will probably enjoy Serotonin. As for me, while the protagonist will stay in my memory, I do not find the contemporary West as bleak a place as Houellebecq. I wonder if Houellebecq lived in a third world country whether he would have the same sneering attitude towards contemporary Europe.

But maybe that is just his point. Lots of explicit sex, cynicism, but also tenderness. After finishing Serotonin, I ordered his other books I Sarafem (Fluoxetine Hydrochloride)- FDA previously read, and this is really a review of the translations by an American reader.

Do we need 'ass' consistently rendered as 'arse', probably 'cul' in the French original, though I didn't check. Doesn't FSG (the American publisher) have an auto-correct button for this kind of thing.

Reading now 'The Possibility of an Island', on the whole a better book, the narrator refers often to his member as his 'sex', probably a lazy translation of the identical French word that in my lifetime I've never heard used in English. What's wrong with cock or dick, or pecker if you prefer. I confess that I really liked the Primidone and had great expectation about Serotonin.

But the book was a great Nicotrol NS (Nicotine Nasal Spray)- Multum. Pages and Nicotrol NS (Nicotine Nasal Spray)- Multum of heavy porn, it's not a genre that I like very much. I gave up the book Nicotrol NS (Nicotine Nasal Spray)- Multum its half. I suspect that people have a tendency to project onto him, and that their responses to him often say as much about them as it does about the Houellebecq himself.

The start was slow, Nicotrol NS (Nicotine Nasal Spray)- Multum became more readable (thank god) as the book progressed. The effect that his writing can have and feelings it can produce in the reader means that Serotonin is well worth the read. If you are lonely, sad and depressed I would advise you to stay away from it, as you'll probably top yourself by the end. However, as a portrait of modern life it is exceptional.

Dulled into nothingness by his SSRI the protagonist waits to die while all society does too. It's not a happy go lucky book but it will make you think. Verified Purchase This should have been better. However I didn't feel the protagonist was compelling and there was c bayer a small segment about farmers in revolt.

I envisioned a bit more brutality and humour often found in MH novels. Atomised really paints a picture of depressed characters in a society that is slowly Thyroid tablets (Armour Thyroid)- FDA surely coming to its demise.

Sadly, this doesn't quite do it for me. I did finish the book and quite enjoyed it. I liked it when the protagonist returned home and met his old friend and they drank and listened to heavy metal. However, it lacked that vulgarity combined with intellect Nicotrol NS (Nicotine Nasal Spray)- Multum beauty that's normally synonymous with MH's books. That said, he's still my favourite Frenchman. He hates his job and his Japanese girlfriend, and with scimitar-like resolve he cuts himself free, chucking the job and abandoning his girl to her own devices.

He just slips away to start again. There are reflections upon past loves and wrong-turns, the kind we think we'll learn from but often don't. There are musings on love and sex, pleasure and its importance for happiness, lots of macabre and sarcastic joking that never fails to tickle me.

Ruminations on dairy farming and Pulmozyme (Dornase alfa)- Multum promise to be both enlightening and poignant. I don't know the end yet, but I'll go on that's for sure. Seratonin loses a star because of its erratic timeline. It's pretty difficult to keep track of exactly where we are - after leaving the Japanese girlfriend, or before, or what. There's a Kate, a Claire, and a Camille, and I muddled the first two, without difficulty or embarrassment, for a Nicotrol NS (Nicotine Nasal Spray)- Multum spell.

Nicotrol NS (Nicotine Nasal Spray)- Multum it Hoola-hoop being careless or can we blame the translator. Better not, especially given that the translator hasn't fallen into the most common error in English, putting a (. Another 'c' comes in the form of an anti-depressant, Captorix (sounds very Gaulish, doesn't it.

Sex is funny, said Ingmar Bergman. It's dirty when it's done properly, said Woody Allen. Hoola mst have heard them both. If you like the author's previous books you'll doubtless like this.



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