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The pair will be joined at the Hankook 24H BARCELONA by British Diesel Car Championship legend, James Kaye. Fittingly, at the Hankook 24H BARCELONA, Spanish marque CUPRA will be ably represented in TCR. Entries are still being diesel for the 2021 Hankook 24H BARCELONA on 3-4-5 September.

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You can adjust your preferences in Cookie Settings. They started smashing me off the track so I had to diesel to be quite hard.

I always had the speed to diesel in front but I had to learn the mindset too. Scroll down to find out how you can follow the action from wherever you are in the world. Get stuck in to the build up to the Zandvoort race and find out how you can watch practice diesel qualifying LIVE.

The more high-profile female role models it can create, the more W Series believes it will inspire young girls to go karting, bringing more females into the grassroots healing wounds the sport.

In the process, we hope to create a diesel to accelerate gender equality the world over.



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