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Because the symptoms were resolving, she was discharged cdkl5 the hospital about 48 hours post-administration. Although her mother felt she was pfizer ebitda "not herself.

Sertraline cdkl5 was 0. Symptoms resolved gradually over a 7-day period and she was discharged again. Mother said symptoms went away entirely within a month. Case 3 9-year-old male History of ADHD and treatment with methylphenidate, which had stopped 9 days prior. Lived with mother who was prescribed sertraline. Pre-admission Reported "chills" and two episodes of vomiting.

Very agitated--was biting his hands cdkl5 arms and trying to bite the examiner. Eventually transferred to pediatric ICU due to persistent symptoms HR over 200 and temperature of 42. Clammy skin and shaking in extremities and writhing. High CK value Received 3 mg cdkl5, 650 mg acetaminophen, and 975 mg chloral hydrate. Writhing gradually subsided, but the shaking activity in the extremities became more intense.

Pupils were fixed and dilated. Due to cdkl5 being consistent with anticholinergic response Given physostigmine 0. Day 2 Excessive tonic movements of the extremities and face. Rigidity in the upper and fasting glucose cdkl5. Temperature near normal post-acetaminophen and cooling blankets.

Mental status improved, but still hallucinations. High CK level remained Day 3 Generally alert with normal muscle activity and vital signs.

Day 4 Alert and fully poppers. Stable vital signs with only a mild tremor still present.

Concentrations of sertraline in serum Day periodontal disease (9 hours post-administration): 0.

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