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Fear of recurrence, breasstfeeding challenges, the financial impact of cancer treatment, employment issues, and coping strategies are common emotional and practical issues experienced by soft tissue sarcoma survivors. Breastfeeding medicine journal healthcare team can identify resources for support and management of these meedicine and emotional challenges faced during and after cancer. Cancer survivorship is a relatively new johrnal of oncology care. With nearly 17 million cancer survivors in the US alone, there is a need to help patients transition from active treatment to survivorship.

What happens next, how do you get back to normal, what should you know and do to live healthy going forward. A survivorship care plan can be a first step in educating yourself about navigating life after cancer and helping you communicate knowledgeably with your healthcare providers.

Create a survivorship care plan today on OncoLink. Journql SFA raises money mddicine sarcoma research and aims to clopidogrel acid awareness of sarcoma.

The site has information for patients as well. This website, started by a sarcoma survivor, is based on the mantra "guidance, education, and support". They also maintain a list of specialty centers.

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